Thursday, 3 March 2011

Evaluation - Part 1 - In what ways did your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways did your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Frame 1:  Our first frame is an establishing shot, which shows our scene from both sides of the road. This shows us setting the scene of our media product and doesn't reveal much to the viewer to create that sense of mystery and confusion.

Frame 2: The second frame shows the serial killer deciding which tool to use on his victim. The lighting in the shot used makes it effective as the light is shone onto the tools and we can only faintly see his hands which also adds a sense of mystery as we don't know what he is doing with the tools and who he is.

Frame 3: The third frame shows our title. Our title is in a plain and simple font as we thought it looked more professional. However, there is an effect of what looks like blood flowing through the title, although in the frame the shot has been taken while it was clear and no blood was flowing through.

Frame 4: Our fourth frame is of the victim walking. This shot has been used as we thought it would be good to have a slow start which was of me just walking, and then the scenes would gradually become more intense throughout. Further on in this shot the victim turns around and it looks all blurry, this was used because it shows that the victim is under some confusion. This bodes well with our sub-genre which was psychological. 

Frame 5: The fifth frame is a still of a title shot. Our titles did have quite a sinister look to them as they were in a bloody red colour and the font was similar to the one of a typewriter. This challenges thriller conventions as the titles are also on a black backdrop which gives the the movie a dark and gloomy feel which many thrillers attempt to create.

Frame 6: The sixth frame in our 9 frame sequence is the victim actually getting kidnapped from behind, this is the bit where we see how the victim got to the scene of the torture. This adds to the thriller conventions as there is some sort of action taking place.

Frame 7: This frame shows the victim in the actual torture scene struggling to understand his surroundings and what is going on, this is also backing up our sub-genre of psychological thriller because we can infer that there is something wrong with the serial killer and is insane due to the way he has tied the victim up and what weapons he has in his arsenal.

Frame 8: The eighth frame shows the victim walking from the front this time. We included this in because we wanted to get more type of shots into our movie.

Frame 9: Our 9th frame is the last shot of the film. The serial killer is about to hit his victim with a hammer, this adds to thriller conventions as there is some sort of violence taking place.

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