Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Narrative Expectations:
We see the main character lying hurt on the floor with blood on her face looking like she has been in a brutal fight.
'Bill' wipes the blood off her face. We assume his name is Bill as it says it on the napkin he wipes her with.
From this we can understand that this may be a movie about revenge as the title suggests which is 'Kill Bill Vol 1'
We don't see Bill, from this I can interpret that Bill is mysterious and we may not see much of his face during the movie.

Shot Types:
There is only one shot type and that is a close up of The Bride lying on the floor with blood on her face.

Character Types:
We are made to believe that Bill is the 'bad guy' from the movie as the title is called 'Kill Bill Vol 1' and he's also the one to shoot The Bride.
We can also infer that The Bride wants revenge on Bill for shooting her.
Also we can understand that the movie will be very violent and graphic as the first scene involves a gun shot being fired and blood!

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