Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Narrative Expectations:
We see the main character flying on a parachute jumping into a car and flying out of a explosion!
It's a spoof start as the main character is Tom Cruise when it should be Mike Myers and the other characters are star studded when they shouldn't be!
It then cuts into the studio where we see the real Austin Powers suggesting that what we saw was a joke.
It then turns into a silly dance on the set.
The lead dancer is Mike Myers so we can suggest he is the main character.

Shot Types:
The first shot type is a rolling birds eye view of Tom Cruise POV from the sky on the parachute. This shows us this movie will have some action.
Then pans around the car which has no driver, with a number plate of 'SHAGUAR' suggesting to us this movie may be silly and a comedy.

Character Types:
The dance during the scene leads us to believe that Mike Myers will be the lead character as he's in the lead dancer.
However the start has us in shock as we see some A-List actors and a top director, we then realise it's a spoof and it cuts into the real thing where Mike Myers then takes the lead with the most speech and camera time.

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