Sunday, 3 October 2010

1. What did you think was the point to the activity?
The point of the activity was to give us an understanding of how to make the film look much more realistic and easier to view. It also helped us to understand the effect of flowing the scenes in a movie can be.

2. In regard to your finished sequence, what worked well?
We feel the smoothness of the door scene worked very well. It looked professional and was easy on the eye. We found that after each shot we had to give ourselves much more hang time as it is easier to edit when you have more hang time at the start and end of each clip.

3. What would you aim to improve about your sequence? What continuity mistakes can you see?
I would like to change the last shot which was the reaction shot as it is delayed and our editing skills were adequate however the rest of the sequence was very well edited we thought and were very proud with our final result.

4. What did you learn from doing this activity?
I have learnt how to use the programme Final Cut with much more ease and also how to film continuity. Also I think I learnt to give my self much more hanging time at the end of each shot as it is much easier to edit as there are no worries of cutting too much. Overall my group and I were very proud of our final result and got the hang of the task well we feel.

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