Friday, 29 October 2010

Successful Film Director - Quentin Tarantino

All of Quentin Tarentino's movies are successful because of his unique script. All his movies have really good dialogue especially Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Also his movies are very violent and the story lines are quite bizarre, also he's very good at making gory scenes which gives the viewer a more realistic film. Also his films are made in the style as if it was a old 1970s movie with the costumes and the opening sequences.

This scene is funny but also dramatic as Vincent and Jules are having a normal conversation until Vincent asks Marvin's opinion on it. While he does this he has innocently got his gun pointing at him and while Marvin starts to speak, Vincent accidently pulls the trigger and shoots Marvin in the face and blood squirts everywhere. What I find funny about this scene is after Vincent has shot Marvin he turns around and says so casually "Ahh man I shot Marvin in the face."

Another one of Quentin Tarentino's gory scenes in which Lucy Liu chops off another man's head and then blood squirts out quite dramatically. Although when the blood squirts out it looks fake, it adds effect to the things Lucy Liu is capable of. The scene is a meeting where you would suggest no violent act would occur however when one of the guests speaks out to Lucy Liu's discontent she slices his head off.

An example of how gory Quentin Tarentino's work can be. This was taken from the movie DeathProof with Kurt Russell. The following images are results of what happened to each character while the car crash happened.
1st image: a girls leg flying off.
2nd image: the car going through and running over the womans face. 
3rd image: a woman being flinged out the top of the car and doing numerous flips in the air until smacking the concrete.
4th image: glass from the windshield crashing against the womans throat and face.

This shows how gory Tarantino's work can be and no matter how gruesome and disturbing it may be, it appeals to most people as people aren't use to seeing movies with such gore in it unless it is a horror. This is Tarantino's most famous 'trademark' - the goriness of his movies.

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