Friday, 29 October 2010

Analysis of a DVD Cover

District 9 DVD Cover.

The cover of this film is unique as there's a UFO sort of spaceship hovering over the city. There's also a sign saying 'NO HUMANS ALLOWED' with a picture of an alien sort of animal in the sign. The top of the cover has Peter Jackson in red writing as he is a world famous director and some people may look to view it just because of the famous director. This is called a selling point and there is also a quote from a newspaper claiming 'it will blow your mind. it's a must-see movie'. The backdrop of the cover is the city looking normal but in the foreground its a desserted shanty town with barbed wire. This could mean that there is a divide between the humans and the creatures, and the creatures are under control by the humans. In the background coming from the buildings are visible helicopters flying in which looks as if they are coming for the gigantic UFO spaceship making us believe the situation is a crisis and that mayhem is waiting to occur.

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