Wednesday, 13 October 2010

'Man on Run' Thriller

Thriller: Man on the Run

Our group was given the task to recreate a 'Man on the Run' opening but a spoof version. Here is our synopsis for our version.

A large man is buying himself doughnuts for himself in a local bakery. He buys the last pack of doughnuts and walks out.
At this moment the large police officers walk into the shop while the innocent large man is walking out.
The large cops realise there are no doughnuts left in the shop and make a chase on the large man.
The large man is also a trained ninja.
The large man is baffled but starts to run away. The chase is now in full flow and it somehow gets onto the rooftops of the local shops.
The large man is jumping from roof to roof while the police look to another solution. Until the large man falls through a roof.
The large man shakes all his injuries off and runs to the canal.
By this time the police have got helicopters involved. The large man is still confused at what he is done, but doesn't want to be approached by the police.
A police officer talks from a megaphone from the helicopter screaming "Freeze! and hand over the doughnuts!"
The large man smiles and stuffs a doughnut in his mouth, throws the rest of the pack in the canal and jumps in with it and swims across to the other side and gets away.
Jump Cut zoom onto the doughnuts floating in the river but now soggy.
Jump Cut zooming out onto the scene including the large man getting away while doing flips over fences.
Cue Titles

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