Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Birds - Continuity

- How many shots are there? 
There are 13 shots during this scene.

- Where was the camera positioned for each shot?
All of the shots were mainly medium close ups of the body and there were some longshots of the corridor.

- Which principles of continuity editing have been followed?
When the woman walks through the door. They have filmed her approaching the door handle, and then put the camera the other side of the door of her coming in from the other side. It's done successfully as it flows really well and it also builds tension for the viewer at the same time.

2. What is the effect of the editing on the viewer? What are we meant to feel at different stages?
The effect the scene has on us is that it gets us shocked from the quickness of it. Also it's suppose to build our tension when she walks through the door and sees the dead man and we only see her reaction shot. This gets us wondering what could she have seen and also gets us slightly frightened.

3. What is the 'best bit' for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?

My favourite bit of the sequence is 0:56 when she looks at the broken glass in the room, and has suspected something has happened. She then looks around the room only to be shocked by the man with no eyes! I liked it as even though it was such a quick scene it built up so much tension and the final shock was a big one as the man with no eyes looked very scary!

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  1. Manan, you need to start developing your answers in more detail, with more specific examples and using the correct terminology.