Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Filming Over Holidays

I had the flu over Christmas and others were busy celebrating. After Christmas we had to revise for mocks, and therefore also couldn't film. However on the Friday 14th January Devki and Shreyaa decided to go to Harrow Town Centre and get some filming done, David had an exam and I was recovering from a cold and therefore couldn't come. We have now decided to go film some more in Harrow on our Friday frees without David as he has lessons. We are still trying to decide a date on when to film in David's garage but we are trying to make it sooner rather than later so hopefully within a week or so. My thoughts on our groups progress so far is a bit slow as we have all the ideas for our film but we just haven't got enough filming done down to being lazy and other commitments. However we feel we have an idea of what and when to film and will hopefully have a rough cut by next Thursday 27th January.

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