Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Todorov's 5 Stages

No Country for Old Men

Equilibrium - Man living with his wife in a caravan with no money.

Disruption - Ponders across a drug deal gone wrong. Everyone's dead in the scene, just bags of drugs and a suitcase of money which the man comes across and runs away with.

Recognition of Disruption: A serial killer finds out and wants the money. He has a sensor on the suitcase and can track the money.

Attempt to Repair Disruption: Man who has suitcase of money attempts to fightback the serial killer and also tries to escape. The serial killer kills the man in the end and threatens to kill his wife, who finds out and leaves the serial killer for the police.

Restoration of Equilibrium: Woman lives on as a widow, however serial killer is taken by police.

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