Friday, 19 November 2010

We felt that our animatic task went better than expected, as our chosen genre of 'Musicals' was one we were very stuck with, although we did choose it ourselves. I don't feel that our actual idea was great but I felt we helped ourselves with the mise-en-scene side of things as we thought about costumes and surroundings. Also our story board was quite detailed even though we were lost for ideas. The storyline we came up with was quite silly but Musicals are generally silly. We got our ideas from High School Musical and South Park and tried to merge the two, with silly and cheesy. If I were to do the task again I would definately choose a different genre as this was too hard for us to think of as we haven't seen any Musicals ourselves (well many). We feel we could achieve a better idea with the genre of Action/Thriller/Comedy or Horror.

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