Friday, 19 November 2010

2 Film Openings.

Silence of the Lambs.

The opening starts with a longshot view of the forest and trees, and it slowly pans down to the ground which Jodie Foster is running into(seemingly as if she's running away from someone/thing). The director then uses a low angled shot which Jodie Foster is getting closer and closer to the screen. By now it looks as if she's going on a jog! While this is all going on the titles are on in big black bold lettering. We then see a tracking shot of her running from the side avoiding all obstacles. We then see her running from the back of her. She then climbs up an obstacle while the camera is panning around her. Someone from the FBI then turns up and gives Foster some information that somebody wants to see her, she goes and the camera then zooms into the FBI officers face, which could suggest he is not as good as he seems. Then the shot changes and pans down from the top of the trees to the bottom where these signs of 'hurt' 'agony' 'pain' and 'love it' are on the tree which Jodie Foster then runs past. We then see an establishing shot of what seems to be some sort of military camp slowly zooming into it. While this is all going on the music in the background is slow and builds tension which makes us believe that she is being chased but infact she isn't. When Foster reachers the room she is standing there alone and the camera zooms into her face and as soon as this happens the slow tension building music then plays and changes to some images of brutal killings and rippings. The mise-en-scene of the opening is quite a dull forest in which there are some army obstacles which Foster is going through. she's wearing a sweatshirt with sweat around her neck to suggest she's trying to obtain her fitness in order to stay fit for her military commands.

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