Friday, 19 November 2010

2 Film Openings.


It starts off with a close up of an open book with the page being turned. It then blacks out to the titles. While this is all going on there is sinister music in the background playing which flows with the editing and cuts of the opening. It then fades into a drawing/picture of some hands in an awkward position. It then goes into some weird gears or cog type things turning making weird noises sort of electrecuting like. We then see an extreme close up of a mystery mans hands with a blade scraping the tips of his fingers off. The title of the movie then comes up in capitals with a black background 'SE7EN'. The mystery man now has plasters on all fingertips and is taking a book out but we can only see the book and the finger prints to keep the man exclusive and a mystery. We then see someone writing which then fades to red with a picture of Brad Pitt I think in it. It is then shown an extreme close up of the man cutting film reels and pictures. While this is all going on the music in the background is playing. The music is quite psychadelic which adds to the effect of the red representing evil. The music is a fast paced beat which works well with the opening. The titles are in scribbled writing suggesting as if the maniac killer has written them with his scraped fingertips. A great shot of a book page being slowly turned with a lamp light shining through it is used as we can see in the shadow a syringe which he uses. It then closes up on the book as he is highlighting in black words. For one shot it is half red and half white which could suggest there are 2 sides to the story. During the whole scene we don't exactly know what's going on which gives the viewer a sense of mystery. He is now sewing random stuff. The director has given little information during the opening to grip us into the story and the mystery of the killer. From the narrative side I can't really tell what this opening is portraying apart from the fact is it dark and sinister, the rest is a mystery.

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